Your truck bed is one of the most used parts of your truck. Truck beds are often prone to damages like scratches, denting, pulls, etc., as they carry different kinds of heavy cargo inside them. Due to its nature of use, it is important to have a safeguard the surface of your truck bed so that it can stay useful for a prolonged duration. A truck bed is exposed to weather, corrosion, and the sun’s UV rays which are the most damaging elements for your truck bed. For ultimate protection from all these elements and to prolong your truck bed’s life, it is important to use a bed liner. There are two main kinds of truck liners – Spray-on and Bedrug. Spray-on bed liners, like the name suggests, are simply sprayed on the truck bed. They offer many benefits like:

  • Protection from UV damage
  • Protection against scratching and damage due to heavy loads
  • An anti-skid benefit that prevents the load from slipping off the surface
  • Prolonging bed life
  • Semi-permanent protection; a spray-on bed liner cannot be removed easily

With so many promising benefits, many truck owners often opt for spray-on liners over bedrugs. But when it comes to choosing the best quality spray-on liner, there are many things you need to consider.

Ease of use

Ideally, your spray-on bed liner must be easy to spray and use. If you cannot get the bed liner to easily dispense from the can, it is not of any use. Your spray-on bed liner must be easy when it comes to spreading it on the truck bed. You can use a spray gun or a direct applicator or aerosol spray bottle to spray the liner on the truck bed. Your bed liner must offer uniform covering and must be easy to use.

Durability and effectiveness

Check your spray-on liner’s durability. A truck bed liner must last long and offer adequate protection from the weather, corrosion and any other external damages like scarring, cracks, etc. It must be able to sustain the heavy and rough usage that includes heavy loads, long road journeys and changing weather elements. Choose a top quality liner with clear guaranteed information so that you can benefit from it.


Even though bed liners are a utility, they should still look good with your truck bed. There are many colours available today when it comes to bed liners. Choose a suitable colour and texture for your use.

Truck bed liners like ‘Xtreme Spray’ are a trusted brand of spray-on liner. They are known to be rack, peel or warp resistant and permanently protect your truck bed for a long period of time, no matter how heavy your haul may be. Moreover, these truck liners also offer complete protection from abrasion and rust. With excellent anti-skid properties, Xtreme liners ensure that your cargo doesn’t shift from its place and safeguard your operations. Bed liners from Xtreme are oil, water and chemical resistant which makes them suitable for any climate and any kind of cargo. To get more information on the best bed liner coating, best truck bed coating or to experience the benefits of the Xtreme Spray bedliner, contact Cobra Car & Truck.