Spray-On Bedliners

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    Providing And Installing Top Quality Automotive Products In Mississauga.

    Serving For 25 Years.

    Spray-On Bedliners

    10% OFF

    or $100 OFF
    with purchase of a tonneau cover

    Offer ends February 28, 2019


    Providing And Installing Top Quality Automotive Products In Mississauga.

    Serving For 25 Years.

      Xtreme Liner – Best Spray-On Truck Bedliner 

      Whether your truck bed was previously finished or unfinished, it’s shine and appearance can fade over time. Restoring your worn metal truck bed coating can help prevent future damage caused by rust, debris and scratches; it can also boost the overall appearance of your truck. A protective, non-skid surface relieves the truck driver of the stress of debris chipping, scratching and fading the truck bed. Cobra Car & Truck Accessories has some of the best truck bed coating products available for you!


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      Truck bed coatings can be applied to bare metal or previously finished truck bed surfaces.


      What are truck bed coatings commonly used for?

      • Tailgates
      • Wheel wells
      • Bumpers
      • Fenders
      • Ramps
      • Running boards
      • Trailers or boat interiors
      • Concrete steps

      Additional Benefits of Truck Bedliner

      • Applies a highly protective layer to the truck bed that is durable and flexible.
      • Protects area against corrosion, impacts and abrasion.
      • Provides enhanced traction and is completely water resistant.
      • Provides protection from rust with a Stop Rust formula.
      • Easy to use any-angle spray can with a comfortable tip to apply on your coating application method of choice

      Xtreme Liner

      No one knows how to protect your pickup truck better than an XTREME LINER dealer. That’s why Ford, General Motors, Ram and Toyota all apply Xtreme Liner as their factory installed box liner. Years of formulating the optimum materials and processes at the manufacturing level is why you know you are getting the best product available.
      You will get rugged protection for your vehicle with a smooth sandpaper-like finish. The UV protection in an Xtreme Liner is superior to the competition. A proprietary bonding agent ensures an unequaled adhesion to your truck bed.

      Xtreme Liners have many other uses; bumpers, steps, your Koi pond. The applications are only limited by your imagination.

      Xtreme bed liners sprayed-on elastomeric polyurethane, polyurea, and hybrid solutions are 100% solids, VOC free and designed for reducing maintenance costs and maximize return on investment.

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      Providing And Installing Top Quality Automotive Products In Mississauga.

      Serving For 25 Years.

      The industry’s strongest protection never looked so good!


      Xtreme Liners has been an industry leader since introducing spray on bed liners to America in the 80’s. We take high-pressure spraying seriously and have been spraying polyurethane products on pickup truck beds and other applications for almost two decades. And since we make our own chemicals, we know that we have the industry’s strongest bed liner. Any way you stack it, we are Xtreme when it comes to standing behind our spray on products.

      best truck bed Spray On Liner

      A pickup truck never had it so good!


      The same goes for trailers, flatbeds, dump trucks and many other sprays on automotive applications. But our functionality doesn’t end there. Even though we’re the spray in truck bed liner experts, we’ve developed products for our high-pressure spraying systems that support many other industries including manufacturing, marine, construction, agriculture, and oil & gas. The versatility of our high-pressure spraying system is almost endless and gives our dealers a plethora of options with respect to chemicals that can be applied. We manufacture a coating product for just about every application that your imagination can muster.

      Best Spray Bedliner Mississauga

      Ultimate Liners’ Xtreme Spray on Truck Liners:

      The Same Spray On Truck Liner Used by Ford and GM

      Xtreme spray-on truck bed liner is trusted by truck manufacturers straight out of the factory. It won’t crack, peel or warp and permanently protects your truck bed from abrasion and rust. The extreme flexibility of an Xtreme spray-on truck bed liner provides a gritty, non-slip, textured surface that holds your cargo in place.

      Xtreme liners are easy to clean and chemically resistant to automotive fuel, diesel, paint, chlorine, salt water, and other corrosive liquids. It’s the best brand on the market, and it’s all we carry.

      Best Spray Bedliner Mississauga

      Spray-on Truck Liner FAQs

      When you apply the best truck bed liner to your truck or Jeep, your investment is secure and put through the most rigorous testing. It makes no difference how you operate your truck, as the best spray bed liners are a worthy investment regardless of the scenario.

      It’s excellent for hauling horse tack, logs, tools, and equipment for a construction job, off-roading in rugged terrain, or just for the way it makes your vehicle appear. Your truck may ride more quietly thanks to the bed liner, which offers outstanding defence against rust and other corrosive damage, stains from numerous strong chemicals, and dents and dings.


      Methods To Apply Truck Bed Coating

      Truck bed coating can be applied with different methods, including using a roller, spray-on, paintbrush, or aerosol.

      Can You Paint Truck Bed Coatings?

      After applying the truck bed coating, ensure you wait at least 24-hours for it to dry to the touch. After this time period, you can paint the truck bed the colour you desire. If you wait longer than 24-hours to paint the surface, clean the truck’s surface properly before painting and do not mix paint colours into the coating prior to applying.

      How Many Coats Should Be Applied?

      Generally, you should apply two coats of the truck bed coating for effective coverage and protection. After applying the first coat, allow yourself at least one to two minutes before applying the second. The coating may require more drying time if applied in cooler temperatures.

      Can I Install Accessories in my Truck Bed after is had been sprayed?

      Yes, of course, after applying the coating, you can add accessories because the best spray-on bed liner properly conforms to the bed of your truck. You may add anything you want to your truck bed, including utility boxes, camper shells, bed lids, and tie-downs. Due to permanent bonding and flawless moulding to the surface of your truck bed, bed lids, camper shells, 5th wheel hitches, tie-downs, etc., all fit wonderfully.

      Do I need to do anything to my Truck Bed before arriving at my appointment?

      Your truck bed must be clear of clutter and clean, and that’s all you have to do before arriving at your appointment. For more detailed information, speak with the authorized truck bed liners dealer in your area.

      Does Spray-on Bedliner come in different colors?

      Spray-on bed liners also provide many colour modification options, allowing you to truly achieve the look you want for your truck. 16 unique colours are available in the market to accommodate most colour choices. 

      Exact Color Match or Tintable Bed Liner choices are also available for truck owners who want an actual match colour or learn more about further customizing their Bed liner with more colour options.

      Can you remove a Spray-on Bedliner?

      Heat the lining parts with the cannon, then chip them away with the chisel. The standard tool for this task is a paint scraper, but if you want something more powerful, you could try an aggressive air chisel. Body shop experts concur that this is likely your best choice for removing a spray-in liner.

      How long does Spray-on Bedliner last?

      After a year or two of baking in the sun, bearing climate change, or heavy use, the colour of the best spray Bedliner fades away. Most DIY Bedliner sprays only include UV protection and disappear for a year or two, if not earlier. But a spray-in bed liner is a better long-term investment than a drop-in because it provides better protection and durability and is therefore worth the somewhat higher initial cost.

      After Spraying, Can I install accessories in my truck bed?

      You can always install accessories to your best spray Bedliner to elevate your truck’s appearance. But it’s better to let the spray dry completely for a significant time to achieve maximum perfection.

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