One of the most used parts of your truck is the truck bed. Truck beds are often susceptible to damages like denting, scratching, pulls, etc., due to various types of cargo being carried inside them. It is important to safeguard the surface of your truck bed so that it stays good to use for a long time. Typically, corrosion, weather and UV rays are your next worst enemies apart from the cargo when it comes to truck bed damage. The ultimate choice to ensure complete protection from all the damaging elements and prolonging your truck bed’s life is to use a bed liner. If you are thinking about investing in a good quality bed liner for your truck, there are two main kinds of truck liners – Spray-on and Bedrug.

Spray-on bed liners

Spray-on bed liners are extremely easy to use and especially useful if you are a DIY kind of person. Like the name suggests, a spray-on liner is a spray that creates a protective coating on your truck bed. The coating helps the bed to stay shielded from wear and tear, scratching, sun damage, etc. and prolongs the truck bed’s life. One of the best brands of spray-on liner is the premium Reflex spray-on liner. This high-quality bed liner outperforms almost all competing spray brands and provides uncompromised protection and grip for your cargo bed. Typically, once sprayed, it lasts for a long time and is anti-skid. As it is rust resistant, you can expect your truck bed to stay rust free for a long time. Spray-on bed liners are available in different colours and can add to the appeal and appearance of your vehicle whilst protecting it. Spray-on bed liners like the one from Reflex also works for van floors and trailer bed lining.


Bedrugs is akin to a protective rug that you use to protect any kind of surface. Truck bedrugs are a removable solution unlike spray-on liners. They provide ample cushioning and grip for your cargo, making them much more suitable for hauling heavy cargo. Bedrugs are generally rubber or fabric carpets that can be laid on your truck bed to protect your cargo against damages. Bedrugs cover the inside walls, floor and hatch. They are extremely easy to install and remove. As they are much thicker and sturdy, bedrugs cannot be easily damaged which makes them an excellent option for truck bed lining.

Choosing the right bed liner

Choosing the right type of liner for your truck can be tricky. The first step to making a choice is deciding whether you need a permanent solution or something temporary. Most spray-on bed liners cannot be easily removed once they have been sprayed on the cargo bed. So if you want to occasionally move heavy cargo, maybe investing in a bedrug will be a better idea. Another thing to consider is what kind of loads will you be moving. Typically, if you are transporting heavy loads, bedrugs or a liner can be custom fit to protect your truck bed.

In case you are not always tethering your load down, having an anti-skid liner will be another important feature. Between a spray-on and bedrug type of liner, a bedrug provides the lowest amount of skid resistance.

If you are not sure what kind of lining you must opt for, call Cobra. We have 35 years of experience and our team of experts will recommend the best bed liner coating for your truck bed depending on your application and requirements.