Bedliners are one of the most important investments for your brand new truck. After all, the last thing you want is to have your beautiful, new and freshly painted truck to have stains and cracked paint. As your new truck begins to get into business mode, it is likely to be loaded with heavy goods and equipment for transportation. As your truck works harder each day, it will be extremely important to have a bedliner that helps to protect its surface. For this, you will have two options to choose from – a drop-in bedliner or a spray-on bedliner. Both kinds of bedliners have some advantages and disadvantages. It is entirely up to you what to choose, depending on how you plan to use your truck bed.

Comparison of Spray-on and drop-in bedliner
One of the most important differences between a drop-in and a spray-on bedliner is that the drop-in bedliner is made from a plastic shell which is made to fit your truck bed. A spray-on bedliner is a urethane material which is sprayed on using equipment that thoroughly mixes the two components at a high temperature.

Drop-in bedliners are more cost-effective
One of the biggest advantages of a drop-in bedliner is that it is less expensive than the spray-on option. They are also easily removable in case you do not need them anymore, but be prepared to purchase another liner to hide the damage caused by the first liner. However, if you are one of those who also appreciates aesthetic aspects, drop-in bedliners do not look as appealing and pleasing to the eye. Another major limitation of a drop-in bedliner is that it is quite prone to dirt and water getting trapped between the plastic sheet and the metal bed.

Why choose a spray-on bedliner?
One of the most apparent benefits of a spray-on bedliner is that they are extremely durable and fit perfectly. It is quite difficult to cause damage to a spray-on bedliner. This makes it a popular choice for heavy haulers. They are highly anti-skid due to its rough and rubber-like surface. Also, as the spray-on liners are directly sprayed on the truck bed, you no longer need to worry about water or dirt collecting underneath. On the flipside, spray-on bedliners are almost permanent so it is a herculean task if you decide to get rid of them. They are costly.

our choice of the liner will depend on what you aspire to achieve with it and your personal preference. If you are thinking about installing a bedliner for your truck, Cobra Car & Truck can help. They are known for their best quality bedliner coating and truck bed coating.