Most truck and cargo vehicle owners know that bed lining is extremely critical for maintaining their vehicle surface and keeping it functional. Bed lining has several benefits like protecting the surface from sun damage, providing an anti-skid surface and generally preserving the look of your vehicle. There are many myths and misinformation surrounding many aspects of bed lining and bed lining sprays. Here are some myths we have attempted to decode.


Most DIY kits work just as good as any professional bed lining service.

Although spray-on DIY kits are quite popular because most people think that bed lining is all about just spraying the bedliner on the surface, the truth is that there is a reason why bed lining must be done through a professional. The DIY route does not have any warranty and even if it does, there will always be a way that you will not be able to claim the warranty under some pretext or another.


DIY will cost less than professional services.

Most DIY products won’t cost you much, but the reality is that they will also not last that long and you will end up buying cans and cans of DIY bedliner spray to top it up every now and then. With a professional service, you will get the correct information about when you should consider getting your vehicle surface sprayed again by a professional. In the long term, this will prove to be more cost efficient as opposed to buying cans and cans of bed liner sprays.


Spray-on lining through a professional can add to the weight of your vehicle by 500 lbs.

The truth is, on average, 65 mils of spray is used on your vehicle. Only with that thickness, you can achieve a perfect thick coat without adding weight. A completely sprayed full-size vehicle adds only about 90lbs to its total weight after bed lining, which is close to the weight of your cooler stocked with soda and ice.


Spray-on liners are brittle and prone to chipping.

Good quality spray-on liners (not the DIY stuff) are one of the toughest industry coatings and are manufactured for rough use. Many cheaper options have rubbery and soft bed liners that can be easily damaged.


Bed liners will fade.

Only if you go years without a redo with a good quality bedliner. Most professional vehicle bed lining services will tell you when you need to top up the spray-on bed liner depending on your usage and the quality you have gotten. Professionally spray-on bed liners are likely to last much longer than DIY counterparts.


Bed liners are hard to clean.

Professional spray-on bed liners can be cleaned using your garden hose. Make sure you create pressure by holding your thumb against the hose and clean it thoroughly to get rid of any dirt and grime.

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