A lot needs to be considered when choosing the best truck bed liner for your needs. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of money on a permanent solution that doesn’t do much for your situation. To make sure you choose the best option for your needs, then here are five things you need to consider before purchasing a truck bed liner.

What Types of Bed Liners are Available?

The thinnest and most affordable option, bed mats are typically made from recycled rubber and lays flat in the truck bed. They don’t require tools to either install or remove. Next are bed rugs, which are made from plastic or rubber and finished off with polyester fibres. They’re similar to bed mats is many aspects except that they’re tightly moulded to the beds surface for a secure hold. Drop-in liners are the most popular choice, as it’s a plastic liner that’s bolted directly into the bed. Lastly, we have a spray-on truck bed coating that permanent, expensive and provides water and damage resistance.

Will it be Permanent?

Do you want a permanent truck bed liner installed or not? If you’re not picky or want a permanent solution, then spray-on is the way to go. Otherwise, you’re safer choosing any of the other options. Bed rugs, in particular, are easy to remove and replace, unless it’s been stretched to fit the bed.

How Will You Use it?

The items you place in your truck bed will determine which truck bed lining will best suit your needs and protect your vehicle. If you constantly slide heavy toolboxes and other equipment across your truck bed, then you’ll benefit from a drop-in liner rather than a spray-on one you’ll scrape off over time. However, harsh chemicals like pool chemicals or paint thinners should be paired with spray-on liners to keep anything from leaking through.

Should You Consider Weather Protection?

If you don’t have a truck cover installed, then you should definitely consider bed liner coatings and products that provide weather protection. To protect your truck bed from standing water and excessive moisture, go for a spray-on truck bed coating. Rugs and mats aren’t the best options for open truck beds in rainy climates, but they’re quite useful for heat protection in hotter climates.

What’s Your Budget?

Pricing will always come into question when you’re looking to upgrade some aspect of your vehicle. In the case of adding a lining to your truck bed, mats and rugs are the most cost-effective option, more so than drop-in or spray-on options. However, they’re also a temporary solution with short-term protection. If you expect that you’ll use your truck bed extensively, then spend the extra few dollars and go the spray-on or drop-in route.

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